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Genero Capital Partners LLC, based in Century City, California, is a privately owned investment firm that seeks to fund and acquire controlling stake in companies in the United States.

What primarily differentiates Genero Capital Partners is our energetic team that has extensive experience operating either full companies or divisions of thereof in a variety of industries. Our approach is to retain the relationship with original owners and management through incentives to achieve the maximum growth for the venture.

By leveraging expertise in corporate finance, operations and strategy as well as the extensive business network, Genero Capital Partners creates additional value in all its portfolio companies. We create value via roll-ups, expansion into new geographic locations, improved operations and increased cash flow, new product offering, and creation of stronger sales force.

Genero Capital primarily targets companies that already demonstrate one or more of the following criteria: sound management, solid strategic direction, operations in change intensive industries, and a track record of growth in a defined market niche.

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